Godus v1.3 update introduces agriculture, weather, two-story abodes
Posted: 03.10.2013 10:32 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
22cans is busy testing their v1.3 update for Godus before kicking it out to Steam for everyone. It heralds some enticing new features like agriculture for our Bronze Age people, weather and multi-story abodes.

Followers will also start airing their thoughts via Prayers, with defined settlements now even more important. There are also new resource cards to collect to beef up our power.

Farm Followers, once unlocked, will begin using the land on the edge of settlements to produce much needed food for the people, though we'll have influence where specifically.

Abodes now attached to settlements (towns) will be able to grow vertically and feature a second story to house more Followers. The 'sprogging' has also been adjusted so they won't leave an abode unless they actually have some place to go - otherwise they die and it costs belief.

"All of these changes mean that we have to rebalance the entire game and this takes time. We could release what we have now but the issue we're having with save games would mean that it's a step backwards rather than forwards, so we believe it's wiser to spend the next 48 hours playing through the game (again) and making sure it's completely right and as delightful as it possible can be, before we update the version up on Steam," said 22cans.

A full account of the impending v1.3 update can be found via the latest Kickstarter update.

Godus v1.3 highlights

?Enter the Bronze Age and era of agriculture
?12 New Bronze age advances including Farming, Politics and Cartography.
?8 New Resource cards to collect
?8 New God Cards to collect
?New unlocks to increase your Area of Influence, speed up followers and cheaper settlements

?Unlock a new Farmer Follower and grow your civilisation through agriculture
?Farmers will grow crops outside of settlements for the population
?Crops are gathered to feed your population and advance your civilisation
?Choose the most fertile and efficient land for your crops
?Dynamic weather system where lightning storms will bombard your Homeworld, damaging Abodes not in a settlement

?Sprogging centralised within settlements rather than on individual Abodes
?Sprogging from Abodes only available when the Follower can travel to an available plot or Totem
?Abodes inside a settlement now have second stories (floors) allowing greater capacity and belief.
?Over 60 new chests added to Homeworld
?Entirely rebalanced multiplayer Armageddon mode

?New scrapbook hints
?Felt tents no longer produce belief and instead house more Followers and have faster Follower generation (breeding)
?Faster info bubbles
?New God Power icons
?Followers share their thoughts and needs via Prayers
Source: Kickstarter
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Oct 04, 2013
An intriguing game, unfortunately just a tad pricey. I'll wait for the Winter Sales.
By Chris_Spray (SI Member) on Oct 04, 2013
It's barely a game at all.

Gameplay consists of clicking on huts to gather mana and turning marginally less ugly bumpy land into plug ugly flat land.