Wasteland 2's attributes and skills detailed, "first 4 large areas" feature in beta
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Developer inXile Entertainment has spilled their guts on the various attributes and skills we'll be utilising for our Rangers in Wasteland 2. From strength, intelligence, luck, to charisma and 'MAXCON'.

There are a slew of combat, information/knowledge and general skills to wield in our mighty RPG arsenal. Two new screens have been posted and the beta is due later this month.

The early playable build is available to those qualifying backers, but it's not the entire game so they can "prevent spoilers" before it's fully released. It will feature four large areas.

"Initially, we will be releasing the first 4 large areas and all associated COPS maps," posted inXile. "COPS maps are smaller scenes that can be accessed through the world map and tie into the main areas. We won’t be putting the full game into beta to prevent spoilers that would become widely known before Wasteland 2 is finished."

Main attributes in Wasteland 2 are as follows:

◾ Coordination (CO): General coordination and ability to operate firearms. Determines action points (AP) and increases your critical hit chance at range.
◾ Luck (LK): Luck of the roll. Improves crits with weapons, gives you a chance to get an additional AP during your turn and affects many other interactions throughout the wasteland.
◾ Awareness (AW): Ability to notice events happening around you. Increases initiative in combat (turn order), increases evasion rate.
◾ Strength (ST): Pure physical strength. Increases your maximum constitution earned per level, increases close combat damage, increases carry weight.
◾ Speed (SP): Physical speed and movement rate. Increases movement per AP in combat, reduces length of skill usage progress meters.
◾ Intelligence (IQ): Knowledge, wisdom and general problem-solving. Increases skill points gained per level.
◾ Charisma (CHR): Charm, personality and swagger. How NPCs perceive your likeability or persuasiveness.

"Also making a return from Wasteland 1, but still not exactly an attribute, is maximum constitution (MAXCON), or the maximum number of hit points. MAXCON is derived from strength and upgradeable when you level-up."

The full extensive list of skills is available from the latest Kickstarter update. Picklock, safecrack, toaster repair, salvaging, animal whispering, kiss ass, smart ass... it's all there, with the beta due later this month.
Source: Kickstarter
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