Satellite Reign developer diary discusses animation pipeline
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5 Lives Studios' Satellite Reign is still in the pre-production phase as they're mapping out the "basic building blocks" of the entire game, and it's nice to do "without having publishers breathing down our necks."

This dev diary is more on the "technical/informative side" of the project and explains the "animation workflow" for Satellite Reign being done by just one guy.

The studio has an entire city to bring to life and each of the team are focused on getting their individual pipelines prepped and ready for full production.

"Were nutting out the basic building blocks of the world at the moment, trying to create a solid foundation on top of which we can build the actual game. This is an incredibly important part of production, and is often cut short in many project schedules, which always causes issues further down the line. Its great to finally have the chance to have a really solid pre-production period without having publishers breathing down our necks," posted 5 Lives.

"We will show a bit of what we are doing in our next dev diary (it will be a much shorter wait this time), but for today, weve got something a little more on the technical/informative side for you all. Mitch has put together a run-down on his animation workflow for Satellite Reign." Satellite Reign secured 461,333 in pledges from its Kickstarter campaign.

Mitch explains how they're using the limited budget that they have to pull off motion capture usually seen in million dollar budget projects like Beyond: Two Souls or Assassin's Creed. The solution they're using? PlayStation Eye cameras. No, seriously. They've got a few hooked up in a semi-circle. Check out the dev diary below to see how

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