Mutant League Football fails Kickstarter drive
Posted: 18.10.2013 04:56 by Comments: 0
Mutant League Football failed its Kickstarter drive, only making a mere $141K of its $750K goal.

Studio head Michael Mendheim wrote in an update on the Kickstarter page what his plans for the game would be now that it failed to make the goal:

"Sad day for sure but want you all to know were not going to give up on Mutant Football. Were going to keep fighting to get this game to market. Heres whats going to happen over the next couple of months.

"Next week Ill get the graphic novels out to the winners of our Facebook naming contests and respond to all the Kickstarter e-mails Im so behind on. My apologies to everyone for being so late - there seems to be more work than hours in the day.

"Next, there's a videogame I need to ship and then a graphic novel project that needs to get primed for printing...

"After that Ill put together a preliminary plan for Mutant Football League and then submit to the people on the mailing list. They can input and well run some surveys, revise and get a plan finalized. If you want to be on the list just send me your e-mail address and Ill add you to the mailing list or go to and submit it there. Ill keep you updated on everything and you can advise on strategy."

He concluded by hoping he could have a second chance at a Kickstarter drive.
Source: Kickstarter