Dark Matter now available on Steam and
Posted: 18.10.2013 01:55 by Comments: 0
Iceberg Interactive has announced that their sidescrolling horror title Dark Matter is now available on both Steam and Good Old Games. The game is being released with a 10% launch discount for $13.49 USD.

Dark Matter was developed by InterWave Studios, and is a classic Metrovania exploratory scroller, set on a derelict spaceship, the Endeavor, which is infested by aliens. Players will explore 14 levels with an arsenal of four weapons (each with its own ammo type) which are all customizable and upgradeable.

The game boasts advanced enemy AI that reacts to the player, with a light/dark stealth mechanic. Adding to the atmosphere are the hand-painted visuals and the dynamic soundtrack.

Gamers interested in more info about Dark Matter can visit the official site here.
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