1.01 patch for Civil War II adds new scenario in addition to fixes
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Ageod has released the 1.01 update for Civil War II, their grand strategy game set during the American conflict. The patch fixes minor bugs in the Terrain, the Maps, Abilities spelled incorrectly, but also adds new features including Indian Home guard units in KS (thanks to Ol'Choctaw), and Texas-Mexico border trade, as well as a bonus The West Campaign scenario.

The West Campaign features the operations of famous generals Grant, Sherman, Johnston and others, and lasts 24 turns. The scenario, according to Ageod, is a stepping stone for the Civil War Grand Campaign, getting players prepared for the larger sim.

The full changelog includes the following fixes:


Regional decisions get improved tooltips
Flag fluttering is stopped during hosting.
Scrolling is now done 3 messages at a time in message panel (half of message panel height).
Leaders masking others stacks in region get more informative tooltips
Boot icon tooltip fixed
Tab in ledger renamed
Changed the look of some CSA flags
Very slow or under recruitments units get a brown ribbon.
Shortcuts added to some special orders. Shortcuts added to postures and ROEs. Check the buttons to learn about them.
Promotable leaders get their name pulsating with a + after their name.
Improved leaders listing in the Units List screen.


Battle planner will trigger often (there can be false positive, i.e it triggers but no battle ensues)
Blockade Runner 'income' increased (were suffering from the reduction from 'easy OMB handling')
Development level increases moderately movement cost (-20% speed in wild region, -10% in cleared, no change above)
Weather will be more variable depending of the grand weather zones.
Neutral units can't pillage your regions.
Battle planner will only trigger if a battle is certain. At most 5 deployments shown and usable.
Strategic redeployment now requires a continuous rail line from start to end. In addition, if your redeploy outside the theater (filter 6) you pay 10% of the weight (minimum 1) from wear and tear in rail pool. Finally, redeployment is now limited to non combat units.
Damage potential of fleets upped (from 25 to 40). Damage potential of land batteries lowered (from 50 to 40). After verifications, Ironclads will shave off as expected most hits, transforming them in cohesion losses instead.
Can't use fixed units in divisions anymore.
XP kept when training decreased from 50% to 10%, to prevent veteran militia becoming elite regular infantry.
Powder Mill produce much more ammunitions.
Iron Works produce 20% less war supplies


Recon&Raid max distance from 5 to 2 regions
AI Aggressivity down, overall and in Mid-Atlantic particularly
AI dismisses brigades more often resulting in improved formations with more punch!
Optimized slightly AI recruitments


Added events (USA) for Indian Home guard units in KS (thanks Ol'Choctaw)
Unlocked Tennessee in July
Union River Ironclads can be built earlier
KY neutrality event cancelled
Added event for Texas-Mexico border trade
Several new flavor events added for CSA and USA
Fixed CSS Alabama construction events
Fixed volunteers options
Fixed Slaves options
Improved Industrial Options (icons on the map)
Divisions can now be formed from October 61 only (no limit)
Corps can now be formed from March 62 only (no limit)
Double McCook/Shields in West Campaign 62 removed
KY neutrality/Invasion events chain fixed by Lodilefty
Fixes and changes in volunteers, Emancipation and financials options.


Naval Engineer ability added (explains they speed up ship construction/repair)
Added rail repair fastest attribute (x2) to engineers and pioneers
Fixed movement type of rangers (and 'light' units) to avoid their frequent 'walk on water' capabilities, plus a terrain cost was fixed
Fixed links between AZ OMB and map
Fixed some VA multiple entry ports
Fixed intermixed images of J. Palmer (admiral and general were swapped)
Reduced Defensive Works decisions trenches level from 8 to 4 and increased its duration to 2 turns instead of 1
Fixed some wronged weather names on terrains
Fixed wrong elements names of Longstreet and Cocke's brigades
Added Nashville force + Zollicoffer in April campaign (June reinforcement missing)
Removed double Central California garrison
Fixed wrong Army names at start
Union cottonclads are now Tinclads
Brigades OH/PA are in the game
Minor Map fixes (St Paul MN)
Added initial shipyards in Cairo IL and Saint Louis MO
Fixed Models for erroneous abilities and pictures (siege art)
Fixed Units for erroneous zones of construction (siege arty)
Fixed some abilities displayed wrongly
Fixed regions for proper city sprite position displays
Minor Terrain fixes
Added Dynamic Graphics to give more feedback on region structures to player
Fixed some upstate NY cities wrong location
Fixed Indian territory settlements and forts
Added some CSA redoubts (Camden AR, Ft Pillow)
Fixed Eastern TN unionists + added Knoxville and Chattanooga as strategic cities
John Baylor has now his proper portrait
CSA Mounted Volunteers are now corrected (not a support unit)
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