Fallen Enchantress 1.04 patch released, detailed
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Stardock has announced that the 1.04 patch for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is now available for download. The update adds the Fallen Enchantress campaign scenario included in Legendary Heroes for the first time, as well as new monster spells, improved strategic AI, improved monster AI, balance tweaks as well as dozens of bug fixes.

Check out the full change log below:


Added the Fallen Enchantress scenario.

Added the Slam ability (monsters with this ability get a 25% to cause victims they attack to lose their next turn).

Tech updates now merge if the internal name matches (for modders).

Added the Summon Darkling spell

Added the Summon Spider spell

Added the Summon Harridan spell

Added the Summon Wilding spell

Added the Summon Shrill spell

Added the Summon Plaguestalker spell


Fixed an issue that revealed the entire map for human players when the AI cast Ineluctable Vision.

Fixed bug where if main map objects were asked to be selected while the tactical window was up (could cause some odd behavior when exiting tactical battles).

Cities now make sure their hubs match the city's selected state, so that we don't have issues where a city appears to be selected but is not actually selected, and vice versa (usually manifested as difficulty selecting/deselecting a given city hub).

Fixed a bug where sometimes conquering an AI city wouldn't allow you to do certain production projects until you reloaded the game, due to the projects not always getting cancelled correctly.

Fixed some artifacting issues on forests (unfortunately this isn't as exciting as having magical artifacts in forests, the graphics guy tell me that artifacts are a bad thing).

Fixed an issue where Champion Shimsher could get Sweep twice.

Fixed lots of issues with placing rivers in the editor.

Fixed the Gust of Wind ability (not the spell), where it wouldnt knock units back if they resisted.

Fixed annoying issue where the hour glass cursor would show when looking at the tech tree.

Fixed common-ish crash bug due to multiple cities looking at the buildable improvements list at the same time.

Fixed a deadlock issue with regards to cities looking at resources (would appear to player as a lockup).

Fixed an issue where you could have a trait selected in the trait tree from a former champions selection.

Improved performance, especially on late game large maps.

Crash fixes.


Reduced the Fire Shill's Embers damage slightly.

Tectonic Bulwark can now only be be gotten from defeating Torax.

Crag Spawn hit points and defense from level increased, init was lowered slightly.

Earth Elemental hit points and defense from level increased, init was lowered slightly.

Earth Elementals, Grave Elementals, Ancient Grave Elementals, and Stone Golems gain the Slam ability.

Champion Vasim's given a masterwork chain breatpiece (was incorrectly set before).

Champion Rostyra gains Lethal 2 (had Lethal 1 set twice before).

Champion Ulrik gains the Noble trait.

The Gray March (Trog Spearmen) don't start with Chain Mail Proficiency anymore.

Increased the time it takes to for darkling huts to upgrade

Darkling Shamans can summon Darkling Warriors into battle

Haunters can summon Plaguestalkers into battle

Hoarder Spiders can summon Gatherer Spiders into battle

Giant Ravenous Harridan can summon Ravenous Harridans into battle

Shrill Lords can summon groups of Shrills into battle

Spider Queens can summon Gatherer Spiders and Ravenous Harridans into battle

Wilding Shamans can summon Wilding Riders into battle

Increased the damage on Maces, Battle Axes, Boar Spears, Short Swords, Mauls, Pikes, Longswords and Great Axes (along with magical variants)

Reduced the Init penalty on Mauls form -6 to -4.

You can now cast Burning Hands even if you have freindly units in the radius (they won't be effected).

Light Plate Armor now only requires Chain Mail Armor proficiency to wear.


AI won't cast wither on armies without an attack (caravans) anymore.

Monsters are generally more aggressive in neutral and player territory

AI players more aggressive about going after monsters near their cities

AI much better about using magic in tactical battles

AI much better about using summons in tactical battles
Source: Stardock
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