First person survival horror adventure Raindrop currently on Kickstarter
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Indie developer Raindrop Studios, founded by Nihad Nasupovic and Max Ramirez, have put their game Raindrop on Kickstarter, which had undergone a graphic engine change during its 5 years of development from Source to Unity3D.

Raindrop puts the player into an open world where they must survive by scavenging objects to craft useful items while solving puzzles and avoiding death traps, all the while fighting sanity.

The game started as a Half-Life 2 mod, which initially grew the studio, but the limitations of the Source engine (as well as life issues) forced the team to drop development.

"Nihad Nasupovic and Max Ramirez have re-connected and revived the project, but in a new light. They started re-designing and prototyping a new and improved version of Raindrop. This time, after vigorous research and with some combined experience, they choose to use Unity3D as their desired game engine, while using Kickstarter to push Raindrop into the full time dream Nihad and Max have been striving for," explained the site.

The restarted project now includes Unity's Mechanim feature to allow for full body dynamic animation, a full day/night cycle and weather system, advanced enemy AI, physics and logic-based puzzles, an advanced looting and customization system, drivable vehicles, and so on.

The Kickstarter funding, according to the developers, will allow the studio to:

• Hire staff and contractors that are just as passionate and motivated about Raindrop as we are
• Purchase the required licenses, hardware and software packages in order complete all tasks
• Purchase additional assets, packages, and add-ons for Unity3D
• Pay for our basic survival requirements (rent, bills, food, etc)
• Pay for rewards, legal, and online maintenance costs
• Pay for marketing and advertisement costs
• Extend the entire development of Raindrop along with the long term stretch goals

Check out the Kickstarter page here.
Source: VG247
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Oct 29, 2013
How about a survial game on surviving this plethora of survival games?