Battle Worlds: Kronos now available, launch trailer released
Posted: 04.11.2013 23:55 by Comments: 0
German developer King Art Games' sci-fi turn-based tactical strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos is now available via digital distribution, including GamersGate. The game is inspired by such titles as Advance Wars, Panzer General and Battle Isle.

Battle Worlds: Kronos also has a Special Edition which includes:

* 40 page "Extended Manual" with advanced tactics and background info (PDF) (Instead of the 16-page basic manual)
* 80 page "Weapon's manual" with "tips & tricks" for every unit (PDF)
* Digital soundtrack, featuring 10 tracks (all original compositions)

The game comes DRM-free with around 30 hours of solo gameplay and will support cross-platform gameplay between PC, Mac OS and Linux.

King Art Games also released a launch trailer - check it out in the video above.