Prison Architect hits 250K users, best selling game for Introversion
Posted: 05.11.2013 19:07 by Comments: 0
Introversion is known for releasing such indie games like Uplink: Hacker Elite, Darwina, and Defcon, but Prison Architect has become their best-selling game in their history, despite not even reaching beta yet.

250K users have bought into the alpha test, more than double any other game in the studio's history. According to the studio, "When we decided to launch Prison Architect in alpha we looked at those who had gone before us and inspired by kickstarter we decided to create our own system which would allow us to retain control over every aspect of the process. Our 250,000 units have generated almost $8 million worth of revenue which is a figure we would never have dreamed of achieving. This investment by our alpha customers is enabling us to turn Prison Architect into the game we envisioned without having to make any creative sacrifices or cut any corners - this is the very reason we're proud to be independent."

Gamers can buy into the Prison Architect alpha by visiting the game's official site here.
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