Wasteland 2 beta "not quite ready yet," early release needs "a bit more love"
Posted: 07.11.2013 10:28 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Alongside the announcement of the original Wasteland re-release making it to and Steam, inXile Entertainment also reveals they need more time to work on the early beta release of Wasteland 2.

The studio has had "countless messages" from backers begging not to rush the beta launch, and inXile feel it has offer a "base level of satisfaction" before it's ready. Hang in there Rangers.

The beta has to give backers a "meaningful impression" of the game for any feedback to be worthwhile. They're also testing distribution through Steam.

"The Early Beta is not quite ready yet, but we are almost there. We’ve received countless messages from backers telling us not to release the game until it’s ready. Even though it’s an early beta, we feel the experience has to be at a base level of satisfaction to us before we release it," said project lead Chris Keenan. "There will still be plenty of time for you to give input and help us craft the game once the early beta is released."

"We are focused on getting it to a state where we can give you a meaningful impression of the game and allow you to give useful feedback. We’re working hard to get it there, but it does need a bit more love, and we’d rather get it right than rush it to you. As the beta progresses, we’re also testing distribution mechanisms with an external set of users via Steam, all in preparation to get the first playable in your hands."

inXile are designing their forums to support Early Beta feedback with an "issue reporting site, which will use the CenterCode platform." The aim is to eliminate as many obstacles as possible when it comes to feeding the team essential reports from beta backers. A special twitter account just for Wasteland 2 beta news has been created.

To tide us over there's always the original Wasteland re-released for this modern era of ours.

Source: Kickstarter
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