Stronghold Kingdoms now features new speed mode Domination World
Posted: 13.11.2013 15:54 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
MMORTS Stronghold Kingdoms from Firefly can now run at a new pace with Domination World, with the victor being decided and the spoils given after 100 days. It's designed for the "most hardcore" of players.

Daily "tactical changes" will be needed for a shot at victory, says Firefly, with "constant attention" given to in-game politics and conflict. Firefly outlines the 10 point new rule set.

Full details about Domination World mode for servers are available on the official Stronghold Kingdoms wiki. No Glory Rounds or Ages are involved in this mode.

"Certain classic Kingdoms tactics will still be of use but others will be less effective or even impossible with the new rule set. The removal of Interdiction is one example of a gameplay change that could potentially alter how Kingdoms is played on the new world," said Firefly. "Suffice to say players will have to rethink how they dominate their opponents across the world’s new map borders, based heavily on the Anglo-Saxon era of history."

1. Time limit of 100 days, after which the world ends.
2. Build speeds quadrupled.
3. Research completes twice as fast.
4. No Vacation Mode.
5. Players allowed more villages.
6. First village Peacetime reduced to 3 days.
7. Faction members can attack each other.
8. Interdiction cannot be researched or used.
9. Players no longer penalised for sending Pillage, Ransack, Vandalise or Capture attacks on other players at the same Rank or higher.
10. Unique in-game prizes awarded to all players in the winning House at the time of victory, with other prizes given to those who finish in the top 10 of each Leaderboard.