CCP: For MMOs to survive you must think "your game can always be better"
Posted: 14.11.2013 11:35 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
EVE Online developer CCP Games believes the secret formula to getting an MMO beyond 10 years of life is to believe it's never finished, that it can "always be better." Rivals are declining whereas EVE is growing.

Part of the tremendous success is the interaction with the community both in and out the game, with CMO David Reid stating you must turn over "a certain level of control" to players.

"If you want a game that will run for ten years, you have to build around the idea that your game can always be better,” CCP's Reid said. The EVE universe now includes DUST 514.

The Council of Stellar Management has been key to EVE's longevity. "You’re turning a certain level of control over to your players. You have to turn over a certain level of control over to your players," he went on. The 20th expansion to EVE Online is now on the horizon with EVE Online: Rubicon launching next week, November 19th.

Source: MCV
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