War Thunder's Ground Forces expansion enters closed beta December 4th
Posted: 15.11.2013 10:30 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
The aerial thunder of warplanes in Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder are set to be joined by tracked-rumblings of Ground Forces soon, with a closed beta phase scheduled for early next month.

The studio over the new few weeks will be identifying the "most determined and loyal fighters" taking to the War Thunder skies for participation in testing armoured tanks.

Special challenge missions are being set to help identify these capable pilots who would then swap their wings for muddy tracks. The first was held yesterday.

"In the next three weeks we will be issueing challenges to identify our most determined and loyal fighters," announced Gaijin. "Receive and complete these new combat missions to earn your access to the Closed Beta test and get a chance to win other valuable gifts like War Thunder special t-shirts and watches."

Task #1:
• destroy 60 ground units in Arcade battles or
• 30 ground units in History battles or
• 30 ground units in Full Real battles.

Task #2:
A6M2, P-39N-0, Spitfire Mk.II, Yak-1B or Bf.109E-3 destroy the following number of enemy planes:
• Arcade — 35 planes
• History — 18 planes
• Full Real - 6 planes

Both of those tasks have or are about to expire, so stay tuned to the official War Thunder website for more.

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By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Nov 15, 2013
Till 4th December. Though This tasks ruin the game right bow...
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Nov 15, 2013
I guess I'm out of this one, I'm not nearly good enough to complete for a beta spot.

I was hoping we'd see the game this year but with December 4th only marking the start of closed beta this is more or less impossible.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 16, 2013
Played their first one, and will steer clear of the second. I don't like unlockable missions and time restraints on completing questionable missions. Besides, the arcadey aerial combat is just so samey. Still, might inspire more to test the waters of real flight sims.
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Nov 17, 2013
Arcadey? Did ya tried to play on realistic mode?
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 21, 2013
Yes I was the only mode I played in. Hey, some of my hardcore flight sim buddies liked it, while others loathed it. Me? I don't like timed missions and I really wasn't all that impressed with the graphics as others were (all important in a flight sim). Unloackable Campaign spells Arcade any way you look at it anyway.