Paradox post second dev diary for Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham
Posted: 15.11.2013 15:29 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Project Lead Henrik Fåhraeus discusses the new Jewish and Muslim game mechanics due in the newly announced Crusader Kings II expansion, Sons of Abraham. The dev diary is four and half minutes long.

With so few Jewish rulers during the time period, Paradox hadn't been motivated to explore this before. Now the Kingdom of Israel can be reformed if you're savvy enough.

There will still be few Jewish characters available in the pool. Rulers can borrow money from the Jews, which a lot did historically - hence all the banking jokes today.

Armies are going to become a more expensive endeavour than before so Jews and the Knights Templar will be there to offer loans. Muslims also get a significant overhaul with two camps between them, with one being more fundamentalist (extremist) in their views on the holy word and scripture.

Check out part one of our two-part interview with Henrik Fåhraeus on Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham. The latest expansion is due for release November 18th, with a new expansion due for announcement in January, 2014.

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