Assassin class being added to RaiderZ in new update
Posted: 16.11.2013 06:45 by Comments: 0
Perfect World has announced that a new update is available on their action-MMORPG Raiderz, adding a new character class - the Assassin - and an Epic version of The Temple of Renas, which will feature a special crafting item and better loot drops.

The Assassin is a basic stealth class, allowing players to cloak and perform killing strikes. Some of their abilities include:

* Shadow Walk: Instantly moves forward.
* Darkness Veil: Become hidden from sight.
* Blade Dance: Leap forward to attack all enemies in the Assassin's path with a spinning attack.
* Chaos Stinger: Targeted enemies gain a Chaos Stinger effect that restores the attacker's Stamina and Energy with each additional attack.
* Fatal Stab: This skill stuns your target. You deal 50% additional damage if attacking from behind your target.
* Shadow Step: Instantly remove all crowd control effects and ambushes enemy from the air knocking down an enemy.

As for the Brilliance of Rena craft drop, "Inside the Epic Temple of Renas, Kuld, Prology, and Dark Veilnus have a chance to drop precious teardrops from Renas, the goddess herself. Along with various crafting materials, players will be able to create the most powerful and coveted weapons and armors in game."

Raiderz is free-to-play monster hunting MMO, and interested gamers can check it out on their official site here.
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