Latest Bethesda 'Ask Us Anything' details TESO lockpicking, kill-stealing
Posted: 19.11.2013 11:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
How will The Elder Scrolls Online dealing with the dirty business of 'kill-stealing'? The latest Ask Us Anything posted by Bethesda reveals the MMORPG doesn't want to discourage "helpful behaviour" in any way.

In order to prevent kill-stealing, only if someone does sufficient enough damage alongside the original aggressor will they share in any XP or loot, otherwise they get nothing.

There'll be no last second glory thefts, at least in terms of XP or gear. Another subject was lockpicking and how will it play out in the MMO. Watch your back.

"Fighting the enemies of your alliance—NPCs as well as PCs—should be something every aspiring hero jumps at the opportunity to do. We don’t intend to limit helpful behavior in Tamriel by lowering the experience or loot you can take away from a hard-fought victory. If you help someone kill an enemy he is already engaged with, all you can do is take away some of the pride he might have felt by winning the fight on his own," explained the blog.

"He’ll still receive the full amount of experience and loot. If you did enough damage (or provided enough support), you might get some experience and loot of your own, too. And if the two of you decide to group together, both of you will get even more… " While kill-stealing might not be welcome, thief-murder is, as Bethesda warn about lockpicking.

"Tamriel is a dangerous place. If you let your guard down while you focus on lockpicking, you might get attacked. Enemy NPCs might do this anywhere in the world, and hostile players will love the opportunity to surprise you in Cyrodiil. But then again, you never know what loot might be in that chest … maybe it’s worth bringing a friend to watch your back?"

"When trying to pick locks in ESO, you’ll see a set of tumblers. Using lockpicks that you carry in your backpack, you’ll need force them down into the correct position. If you pay close attention, the game will give you visual and audio hints as to where the right position for each tumbler is. But you’ll also have to fight against the clock and open the lock within a given time. And then there’s the hostile environment you might be in (see above)."

Check out the full Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 11 blog post for more.

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