Power failure at Turbine delays Lord Of The Rings Online: Helm's Deep
Posted: 19.11.2013 15:06 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Turbine was forced to delay the launch of the Helm's Deep expansion for Lord of the Rings Online as a power failure knocked out their systems. Functionality was quickly restored but issues remain.

The studio is undertaking some "lengthy diagnostic investigations" to figure out how the power failure occurred, and warned some servers will have trouble for a little while.

"We are looking into the cause of and resolution for these issues, including undertaking some lengthy diagnostic investigations. We will update folks in the morning (Eastern time), or sooner if there is a need for additional messaging. We appreciate your patience," posted Turbine on Facebook.

Dwarrowdelf, Riddermark, Meneldor, and Nimrodel "may experience continued performance issues tonight and overnight."

Helm's Deep adds the western stretches of Rohan, including the iconic fortress that shares the name of this expansion, Helm's Deep. Levels caps are raised from 85 to 95 with the expansion priced at $39.99. Reportedly it won't launch until tomorrow where a 100% XP boost will apply.

Source: Massively