Uber extend early access to all Planetary Annihilation backers and pre-orders
Posted: 20.11.2013 15:22 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Developer Uber Entertainment are storming the early beta access gates with wave after wave of bots, and the occasional nuke, as the studio plans to let all backers and pre-orders into the beta.

From the lowest reward tier ($20) and up you can jump into the beta, which is now given Uber enough confidence to be "moving on to enhancements." Unit cannon!

Soon enough we'll be scatter blasting our armies across the planetary bodies of the heavens, with orbital nuclear strikes teased as well. Uber know what's on our Christmas list.

"Over the last three weeks, the entire Planetary Annihilation team has been laser-focused on two goals: chipping away at instability and piledriving performance issues. We’ve chased down and fixed edge cases, improved frame rates across the board, and we’ve solved some of the bigger, hairier issues that some users have been experiencing," read the update.

"Beta is more awesome than ever -- it’s stable, folks are having a good time, and the conversation is turning to mechanics and features instead of the bothersome bits inherent in early builds of a video game about blowing planets up."

"We can’t wait to get the Unit Cannon in your hands, so you can start barfing units across solar systems. We also can’t wait for you to experience gates, which will allow your armies to invade planets far from their own. Orbital nukes are on deck, too. The scale of Planetary Annihilation is incredible. These things will make it, uh … incredible-r."

Now that the team is suitably buoyed by all this stability in the game code, they felt it was time to start inviting in more of the community who have already slapped down cash in the vein quest of galactic domination.

"...we’re granting instant access to anyone who has backed or pre-ordered the retail version,"
they said. "Specifically, if you pledged $20 (or $15) to our Kickstarter or pre-ordered Planetary Annihilation through the Uber store, you’re going to be smashing some planets with us really soon."

The first wave of codes has been sent out with each day resulting in more. "We’ll get to you. We promise. Pinky swear!"

Source: Kickstarter
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