Combat put to vote for Torment: Tides of Numenera, real-time versus turn-based
Posted: 22.11.2013 10:46 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
The battle lines are drawn as inXile Entertainment pit Camp Real-Time against Camp Turn-Based in a poll to help sway the team behind Torment: Tides of Numenera on choosing the style of combat system.

It's a no holds barred, debate-to-the-death voting poll that will decide the victor once and for all. Real-time is even using their secret weapon; pause. Of course you could declare yourself Switzerland.

By that I mean neutral or indifferent, and who also enjoys clock making. This vote of the millennium where few will survive is only open to Torment: Tides of Numenera backers.

"Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been reading all of your commentary and ideas regarding combat. Many good points and suggestions, and mostly civil discourse," posted inXile, clearing showing real-time bias.

"Only backers can place a vote," they added, in a shocking twist as they turncoat to turn-based!

"Please remember that this vote is advisory only. Above all, please remember that our goal is to provide the best possible experience for the game, and if the final decision is not your preferred choice, we ask you trust our ability to deliver a solid game." Yes, no sore losers please. Just because you picked an inferior combat style doesn't make you any less welcome to be schooled in why you were so very, very wrong.

A couple of weeks ago inXile updated their journal with Update 24 which discussed the merits of each style of combat system. They disclosed the Torment team had begun leaning toward turn-based because it came "very much in-line with the Crisis concept." A full breakdown of the Crisis Concept is available online to read.

Option #1: Real Time with Pause (RTwP)

● Combat is resolved more quickly, even with a large number of combatants.
● It is more flexible: the player can pause a lot or a little depending on whether they’re looking for a fast pace or a slow one.

Option #2: Turn-Based (TB)

● Combat is more thoughtful, even under intense pressure.
● TB combat is truer to tabletop RPGs.
● It allows greater depth of choice: you have time to explore all your options, so we can include more options, and more complicated options, without overwhelming the player.
● We can adapt Wasteland 2’s combat system, modified to work best for Torment.
● Companion AI becomes less necessary (you directly control each party member on their turn).

If you're a backer of Torment: Tides of Numenera then the voting poll it open on the official community site.

Enjoy our own apocalyptic community-splitting poll of supremacy below. Vote if you dare.

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Real-time, so I can feel the thrill of the action


Real-time with pause, so I can feel like a big shot


Turn-based, so I can play chess with lives


Anything, as long as I can vanquish whatever I see


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By Voqar (SI Core Member) on Nov 22, 2013
I generally prefer turn-based although the combat in SRR is sleep inducing for me and turn-based implimentations over time are sometimes questionable, so I'm a bit concerned with how any turn-based is implimented. I have similar concerns for wasteland 2 based on early footage.

I can still dig up a game like silent storm and find it to be some of the best turn-based tactical even with iffy AI. I still consider the combat from TOEE to be the best I've experienced in rpg turn-based (really like how they did opportunity and stuff).

The only reason I would ever be in favor of real time with pause is if there are a lot of trivial battles that would be tedious to slug thru as turn-based, but this can concern can easily be alleviated thru design (don't include a lot of trivial encounters).