DICE silences Battlefield 4 criticism, restores it after outcry
Posted: 26.11.2013 04:33 by Comments: 2
When DICE announced a "players appreciation" for Battlefield 4 launch issues last week, which included double XP for a week and a formerly-exclusive pistol scope, most fans were happy, but not all - and one fan's popular letter was mysteriously silenced on the official forum before it returned.

The letter in question stated, I personally find it insulting that EA/DICE think a week of double XP and a pistol scope is some kind of token of appreciation. Many of us paid over a hundred dollars for a game that was so clearly not ready for release and while I truly believe that some DICE devs are sorry, I dont see flipping a few switches to give players extra experience as anything but damage control.

If EA/DICE are truly sorry, they can show it through action. More developer-player interaction, involve the community in balance decisions, constant updates on patch progress, FULL patch notes, Premium content that isnt camo. I wont want to be so negative. Id like to see double XP as a start. I sincerely hope that EA/DICE follows through.

The post got upvoted by over 2000 "hooahs", but then those upvotes turned into downvotes, outraging gamers who accused DICE of censorship.

DICE claimed it was a "bug", and the downvotes were turned back into upvotes again, not too long after the situation was broadcast by Reddit.


By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Nov 26, 2013
ahahahah...what a bastards...
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Nov 26, 2013
BF4 has had a joke for release so far. Still serious buggy with sound hanging in several maps. Stuttering, rubberband, crashing servers...
Still, I'm not loosing as much progress lately even though you experiences several crashes every game night...