Paragon Paths detailed by Cryptic in upcoming Neverwinter expansion
Posted: 26.11.2013 06:52 by Comments: 0
Cryptic has posted a new blog detailing the new "Paragon Paths" for their massively multiplayer RPG Neverwinter. Paragon Paths are essentially the elite class upgrade for each of the base classes, and the three that the developer highlights in the post are the Control Wizard, Great Weapon Fighter, and Guardian Fighter.

The new path for the Control Wizard is "Master of Flame", which adds fire to the PC's spellbook. One new spell includes Smolder, which deals damage based on the Arcane stacks "and when exposed to Chill, becomes Rimefire. Rimefire is a cold-based flame, and its duration can be extended by additional Chill effects."

The Iron Vanguard Paragon Path for Great Weapon Fighters has thel Frontline Surge Encounter power, which acts as a ranged area effect knockdown. Iron Vanguards also get Threatening Rush, which resembles Daring Shout and Indomitable Battle Strike, but is easier to use.

Finally, the Swordmaster path for Guardian Fighters adds Weapon Master’s Strike, which buffs other "At-Will" powers when used. "Cleave and Weapon Master’s Strike pair quite well together. The Steel Blitz class feature deals additional damage to targets with an increased chance to proc based on the number of targets you are striking," notes Cryptic.

Gamers can check out the full blog post here.
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