Ashes Cricket 2013 removed from Steam, is 'unfit for purpose'
Posted: 26.11.2013 14:13 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Despite Ashes Cricket 2013 being delayed by 505 Games back in July for being "simply not worthy of the Ashes name," last week's release has now been met with the troubled sports game being pulled from Steam.

Developer Trickstar had faced "unforeseen issues" said the publisher at the time, meaning they'd neglected fine-tuning and polishing "which any game needs." 505 went on say they're "confident" it would be great.

Cricket fans sorely disagree with one user through Steam remarking it's "so bad its unplayable, so not fit for purpose" and therefore qualifying for a full refund.

"When you buy something, consumer law says the item must be fit for purpose," posted Mr Arthur Spiggot. "For example, a toaster must be able to make toast and a washing machine must be able to wash clothes."

"This game is so bad its unplayable, so not fit for purpose, we should be entitled to our money back."

In response to the poor showing by Ashes Cricket 2013 the title has been pulled from Steam. This shouldn't have happened though as 505 Games admitted the title was in danger of being 'unfit for purpose' way back in July of this year, and promised fans that they'd take whatever steps were necessary. What happened?

"It is hugely disappointing that 505 Games has had to make this announcement today. We all had high hopes of bringing out a stellar cricket game during the first leg of this unprecedented Ashes year. But the fact of the matter is, we took a long hard look at the game as it stands and decided it simply wasn’t good enough in its current state. It was simply not worthy of the Ashes name," said 505 Games' Tim Woodley back in July.

"Unforeseen issues which developer Trickstar faced in latter stages of development have meant that they have been unable to do the requisite amount of polishing and fine-tuning which any game needs. We owe it to ourselves, to our licensors, the ECB and Cricket Australia, but most of all to the dedicated cricket fans and gamers to put our best foot forward." It would appear you've cashed a rather bad cheque, 505.

"We are confident that the time between now and the second Ashes series will be enough to add the final polish we believe the game needs. We are committed, as we always have been, to releasing a great game and we are doing everything in our power to ensure this is the case," continued SVP of Global Brand & Marketing, Tim Woodley.

How bad is Ashes Cricket 2013? See for yourself below through the witchcraft of YouTube. It is also releasing for Xbox 360 and PS4 at some stage. 505 Games is yet to offer an official comment on this fiasco.

Source: Eurogamer
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By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Nov 27, 2013
I dunno. Looks like about as much fun as real cricket.
By ArthurSpiggott (I just got here) on Nov 27, 2013
After adding this comment on the steam forums Ashes Cricket 2013 was completely removed from Steam.

Just had an email from steam and this is what they said,

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

We cannot offer a refund for this transaction.

As with most software products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for purchases made on our website or through the Steam Client. This includes, but is not limited to, games, Early Access Games, software, gifted or traded purchases, downloadable content, subscriptions, and in-game items/currency.

We will make an exception and refund titles that are still listed as available for Pre-Purchase on our website. The refund request must be received prior to the official release date for the item. You can see when a pre-purchased title is scheduled to officially unlock by viewing the green information bar on its store page.

This only applies to preorders purchased from your account; preordered titles received or sent through the Steam Trading system cannot be refunded. We do not offer refunds for Early Access Games.


The draft Consumer Rights Bill sets out what rights and remedies you would have when you pay for digital content. It clarifies that digital content would have to be:

of satisfactory quality,

fit for purpose,

and meet any description.

If the digital content didn’t meet these quality rights, you would be entitled to a repair or a replacement of the digital content where practical, or failing that (that is, if the repair or replacement would take an unreasonable amount of time or cannot be done without significantly inconveniencing you), you would be entitled to some money back. You would only be entitled to return the faulty digital content for an immediate refund if the digital content was in a physical item (eg it is on a disk or embedded in goods such as a digital camera).

Other digital content rights would allow the trader to update the digital content within the terms of the contract, entitle you to a refund if the trader sold you the digital content without having the right to do so, and clarify that you could claim for limited damages if the trader fails to use reasonable care and skill to prevent the digital content (whether free or paid for) from damaging your device or other digital content.


It looks like we maybe intitled to some money back if it is not patched to a satisfactury quality within a unreasonable ammount of time (God Knows how long a unreasonable amount of time is).

Make of this, what you will.................
By ArthurSpiggott (I just got here) on Nov 28, 2013
Publisher to offer refunds to those who purchased the game on Steam.
505 Games announce today the cancellation of Ashes Cricket 2013.

505 Games said
"Our deepest apologies, however, are reserved for the fans of cricket and cricket games worldwide. 505 Games prides itself on being a safe pair of hands on which gamers of all tastes and denominations can rely to put their best foot forward to create compelling gaming experiences. It is clear that, in this instance, we have fallen way short of our stated aims and failed to deliver. We know that the mitigating factors, as highlighted above, hold little solace to the hordes of excited cricket fans worldwide who had hoped this year to be able to play out their fantasy of playing in the Ashes series.

"The people who purchased the game will be contacted very shortly with details of a full refund."