GTA V's Beach Bum pack reveals possible casino and custom car racing in future
Posted: 27.11.2013 10:57 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Today's compiled code is no longer safe as it once was as now Rockstar's Beach Bum pack has been torn apart with audio files found to mention a casino, and racing with custom cars that can be pink slipped.

It's unclear whether these new features would be for single player, GTA Online or both? The Beach Bum DLC was given freely with this new content teased by characters.

Voice acting from Martin Madrazo, Brucie and Lester are heard in the discovered audio files. The casino is a possible heist target as Lester is the one discussing it.

Something else mentioned is the camera in your in-game phone and how it might be used to complete 'spy' missions. Rockstar has teased that "exciting new Story Mode updates" were on the way. Rather prominent buildings and locations in Grand Theft Auto V aren't used during the solo Story Mode, such as the prison, suggesting DLC is in the works.

The audio is available to listen to below and contains fractured spoilers. In-door off-road racing anyone?

Source: Eurogamer