Sci-fi sandbox game Darkout gets 4th December release
Posted: 27.11.2013 12:57 by Comments: 0
Independent micro studio Allgraf has announced that the first "stage" of its sci-fi sandbox action sandbox game, Darkout, will be available on Steam on the 4th December.

The game can best be described as a sci-fi horror version of Terraria, in which the player progresses through procedurally generated 2D levels, crafting and building items to defend against alien attacks.

"Darkout Stage 1 launches with a revitalised focus and polish that moves the genre to a new level. A new and intuitive storyline, including the introducing of a new male character, complete with voice overs creates an immersive play experience. The launch of a new item database, allows players to control every aspect of their game experience to ensure the best chance of survival, by improving performance with crafting, storage and containers. Stage 1 also includes the introduction of revamped AI and new lighting enhances mining and exploration on the surface and in the city." said the developer in a press release sent to Strategy Informer.

As is often common with games like Terraria and Minecraft, researching and crafting are key parts to survival, as better equipped players can progress further into the hostile world, which is randomly regenerated every new playthrough. The game will also allow for both competitive and co-operative multiplayer in the future.

Over time development will include new biomes, including underwater, sky base and feral jungles.

Darkout will be available on Steam and costs $14 .99, 9.99, 11.99. Gamers interested in learning more about the game can visit its official page here.
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