Clandestine announced by indie Logic Artists, "asymmetrical" co-op spy thriller
Posted: 27.11.2013 15:43 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Expeditions: Conquistador developer Logic Artists have announced a most intriguing new game called Clandestine which is set during the mid-1990s and involves Cold War espionage in a "deep dark" spy fantasy.

The reason interests are piqued is because of its "asymmetrical" approach to co-op play, where one player is 'feeding' the other crucial information and so are not traditionally side-by-side.

The Danish indie loves tactical stealth games and so wanted that as their next project. It's co-op between a field agent and a hacker during the tech surge of the 90s.

"After our success with our debut release Expeditions: Conquistador, we wanted to create a new kind of play experience based on our love for tactical stealth games," said Ali Emek, Producer from Logic Artists.

“With the addition of asymmetrical co-op gameplay between the field agent and hacker, Clandestine gives a unique spin to this genre. Set during the ‘90s, we have worked hard to recreate the feel and atmosphere of the decade in the game, and we are excited to see how players react to this iconic time in technological development."

It's set five years post collapse of the Soviet Union, where a "string of accidents and murders have gone unnoticed by the public," but alarm intelligence agencies either side of the line. Former spies for NATO and the Soviet Union are being assassinated leading to a rise in turmoil and suspicion.

"Featuring asymmetrical cooperative gameplay (hacker and field agent team), Clandestine transports players to locations around the globe from the underground tunnels of Vienna to secret NSA bunkers in Washington, where they must use tactics and stealth to infiltrate corporate headquarters, hideouts and safe houses to determine who is behind the string of murders and lift the curtain of conspiracy."

See the Clandestine announcement trailer below. It releases for PC in 2014.

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