Prison Architect Update 15 adds better mod support, clock speed, guard break rooms
Posted: 30.11.2013 13:09 by Comments: 0
Update 15 is now live for Introversion's prison simulation Prison Architect, which is still in alpha. The new update adds better mod support, a prison staff exhaustion mechanic, and a time compression tool.

According to Introversion, the new mod support will include four types of mods that can be employed:

* Graphical / Presentation : Updates the graphics and sounds in the game
*Translations : Translates the game into languages other than English
* Scenarios : Full story driven chapters, similar to our Death Row introduction
* Content : Adds items to the sandbox or changes the behaviour of items, eg Grants mods which add grants

The biggest gameplay mechanic that has been added is staff exhaustion. As prison guards and other staff work, they get more and more tired, depending on what they've been doing that day. In order to keep them fresh, players must build a Staff Room where they can relax. Guard dogs still have their own Kennels, of course.

Finally, players also now receive a specific federal grant for each type of prisoner (before, it was $100 per prisoner, regardless of type):

* Minimum security prisoner : $50 per day
* Normal security prisoner : $100 per day
* Maximum security prisoner : $150 per day

The developer have also jacked up the maximum speed from 2x to 5x.

Check out the full change log at the official site here.

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