Final Fantasy VIII's Steam registry updated
Posted: 04.12.2013 10:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Square Enix has listed Final Fantasy VIII in Steam's registry before but pulled it once it was spotted. However there's movement in the registry again as Square has updated FF VIII with regional purchase options.

When a publisher or studio goes to these lengths a release is almost assured. Could it be purchased in 'restricted countries'? Yes, so cheer up Russia and former Soviet Bloc.

This new Final Fantasy VIII sub entry took place today, and was spotted by NeoGAF. Final Fantasy fans are maybe pleased it couldn't resist Steam's siren call.

Check out the website to see for yourself. Final Fantasy VIII originally released on PlayStation in 1999, on PC in 2000 and re-released in 2009 for PSN under PSone Classics. Square Enix had already confirmed the Final Fantasy VIII: HD port was coming to PC, and now we know it'll make its home on Steam.