Q returns to spread joy and mayhem in Winter Wonderland update for Star Trek Online
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Q is back, and he's brought gingerbread for everyone in the new Winter Wonderland update for Star Trek Online.

Gamers who find Q on Qo’nos, Earth Spacedock, or New Romulus Command can have him teleport them to a special colony made entirely of gingerbread, shrinking them down to the size of cookies so they can fight off evil snowman terrorizing the colony full of sentient pastry people.

"Of course, no phasers or disruptors are allowed – only snowballs and snowball weapons for this “slay” ride!" notes developer Cryptic, "And to keep things from being too easy, Q has made it quite slippery in the gingerbread village, so you may want to bring your ice skates. Along the way you can rescue gingerbread men, eat delicious candy for an energy boost, and battle a Yeti. "

Other events include:

* "The Fast and the Flurrious”, the competitive race that rewards Epohh tags to breed special winter Epohhs that can be kept as non-combat pets, or turned in for Marks.
* “The Fastest Game on Ice”, the race that grants players coveted glossy pictures of Q to redeem for a new starship.
* Players search for hidden accolades around the map Q will transport Captains to his festive valley to celebrate with their favorite winter activities.

The minimum level for the merriment is 10.
Source: STO
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