1.2 patch now available for Proteus
Posted: 12.12.2013 03:40 by Comments: 0
Developer Ed Key has announced that the 1.2 patch for his musical exploration game Proteus is now live.

According to Key, "This is mainly to fix a crash (or very long hang) on first run on OSX Mavericks, and to greatly improve the framerate on all versions. (This was due to me leaving in some terrible debug code many months ago… there’ll be stricter code-reviews around here from now on, let me tell you)."

Other fixes and tweaks introduced by the update include:

* Fix for crash on startup on OSX Mavericks
* General framerate improvement
* Slight tweak to title screen animation
* “Wild” islands have 10 or so new possible wild traits
* “Wild Islands” setting in the menu is now “Never”/”Maybe”/”Maximum”
* Fixed a bug where a certain creature sometimes didn’t appear in summer
* Winter and ending sequence timings improved
* Various small fixes and improvements to audio mixing

Proteus is a game where the player explores an island, with every animal and plant having its own musical theme. The game was released back in January, and interested gamers can check out the official site here.

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