Space Trucker arrives on Kickstarter, build a haulage empire among the stars
Posted: 13.12.2013 15:55 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Managing a fleet of trucks on the flat, tyre-dependent and gravity-oppressive Earth is getting stale, so, trucks in space! Space Shark Games is looking to get their Space Trucker off the ground with Kickstarter.

Nations may have waned in their space exploration budgets, but corporations haven't. Get the bits and pieces together to build your first space station, build a ship, and get trucking.

Given that it's all in space there's rather spacious opportunity to expand your fleet and even research new technologies to keep ahead of the competition.

"Your corporate station is the hub of all activity. This is where you, as the CEO, orchestrate your companyís activities. Directing your ships around the solar system and buying and selling goods for a profit. It is also the home base of all your vessels, it is where they must return to repair or refit."

"As the game progresses you will be able to upgrade this station and add on the ability to research and manufacture new technologies on orbit: turning your once tiny outpost into a thriving city in the sky."

A major component of Space Trucker is the building of - you guessed it - space trucks.

"Each ship is made up of three types of modules, command, cargo and propulsion in varying configurations and numbers. A fourth module, the hull, is what everything else attaches to and determines the configuration of all other modules."

There's also the crew to manage, marketplace to monopolise off of and route planning. Space Shark Games is asking for $300,000 to get their space trucking dreams into orbit with an entire month to go in its Kickstarter.

"When you begin the game it is early in manís expansion into space. Few stations and outposts are available, and most of them are close to home, and technologically you have few options available to you. Events in the storyline will open up new destinations for you to explore. The creation of a new asteroid mining base gives you a place to take all those tools and machine parts. It also provides the raw ore needed by the LEO manufacturing facility. Do you have the right kinds of ships available to take advantage of these new opportunities? If not, maybe it is time to add to your fleet."

Developer Space Shark Games holds quite a collective of gaming talent with industry veterans from projects such as EVE Online, GTA IV, Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption, World of Darkness, Transformers Universe and others.

Check out the Space Trucker Kickstarter for more.

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