Team Meat explains "cat identity" algorithms in their latest Mew-genics blog
Posted: 16.12.2013 17:41 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
What makes a cat a hipster? A moustache. This is Team Meat's scientific deduction and they give us a glimpse at their wider Mew-genics research into cat-kind. They explain the impact furniture and items have.

There are a lot of traits being track to define a cat's personality, with cat types stacking in "many ways and effect many things," with "literally 100s of pieces" of furniture cats identify with.

Team Meat also explains that items classify as hats or costumes, going on the head/face or body respectively. It's all scientific wizardry that decides what cats actually turn out like.

"When a kitten is born its assigned a few cat types based on its stats, there is a large range of cat types from lazy to sexy, from passive to psychotic. Each cat type comes with its own set of animations, moves and other visual effects, but most important is that they also effect how the cat behaves," blogs Team Meat.

"There are literally 100s of pieces of furniture your cats can identify with when born but the ones that effect them the most are "furniture sets". These large items tend to be the foundation of your house, where you place things and where the cats are fed/sleep/die and its these sets that bring the most influence over what the cat identifies as."

Check out the blog for more about Mew-genics inner workings. It releases on PC, Android and iOS in 2014.
Source: Polygon
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