Imperium Romanum preview
Posted: 07.02.2008 15:57 by Comments: 3
Emmanuel Brown played Imperium Romanum from Haemimont Games. Due to be released 22 Feb, 2008, this sequel to the popular "Glory of the Roman Empire" is another entry into the flooded Roman era RTS setting. How does it fare as a sequel and representative of the genre at first look? Emmanuel seems optimistic after his demo. Read the full preview to find out why.

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We could go on for a while about all of the features, but it's probably best to save the majority of them for review; suffice to say that Imperium is fairly graphically accomplished at this stage, has a good atmosphere and some interesting game modes. With the attention to detail and the obvious love of the time period, this is the type of product that with a little bit of polish could easily have represented one of the bigger franchises like The History Channel series, and indeed it's looking to be a far more compelling and solid game than some of the titles in that particular line. We look forward to getting time with the final code.

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 07, 2008
I hope it does better than its' predecessor, but I think the Roman Empire has been done to death. The last outing by the History Channel fell flat on its' face, and city-building games haven't got the same following as they used to ("Caesar IV" was a bit of a flop, to put it mildly). Looks interesting, but I'll pass on this one and wait for something non-Roman, even though I've just gotten into the TV series "Rome".
By Kres (SI Elite) on Feb 07, 2008
I've played Glory of RE extensively. Was a great game. But more of empire scope from Caesar and higher army involvement would make it a lot better IMO.
By Praetorian (SI Core) on Feb 07, 2008
This look's nothing new , just maby i need a new graphics card lol , as kres sad i want more action in this games , i know they are city builders but more legion work would be better.