Telltale: "The world doesn't care" you're a little girl in The Walking Dead's Season 2
Posted: 17.12.2013 17:11 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Will punches be pulled by Telltale Games in Season 2 of The Walking Dead as we now fill the princess shoes of Clementine? Absolutely not, says the studio. Its world "doesn't care" you're a child.

Fans shouldn't expect a "nicer or kinder" time of it, it just means we'll be considering things "from a different perspective." Casting Clem made then uncomfortable in the "best way possible."

"Yes it makes us uncomfortable, but in the best way possible," Telltale told IGN. "Uncomfortable, yes. Hesitation, no." We now have to consider our limits as a little girl.

"You play as this little girl, but the world doesn't care. At this stage in The Walking Dead universe, the fact that you're without Lee and that you're not a very physical, super-powered person doesn't mean that the world is going to be any nicer or kinder. The other survivors and zombies in general do not care that you're a little makes you have to consider things from a different perspective," they continued.

"The way you deal with it from Lee's perspective is very different than the way you deal with it from Clementine's perspective." Clem not only has physical obstacles stacked against her but socially too, as adults are less likely to accept her judgement when the stuff hits the fan. "It was important to not make it feel like the average story of a superhuman male protagonist with the skin of a little girl on it," they said. Yes that would be... weird.

"Just surviving when you don't have anything special to you is challenging enough, and that's what's important to Clementine's story." The Walking Dead: Season 2 premiere, All That Remains, releases today.

Source: VG247
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