Secret World adds new ice world, new goodies in time for Christmas
Posted: 19.12.2013 13:15 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Funcom's The Secret World is giving players an ice-themed suprise this year with brand new monsters to fight and the new land of Nilfheim to explore.

The event is called A Mother of a Season, and brings various new challenges and rewards, including new outfits. There's also the chance for players to change into The Lord of Misrule during PVP, unlocking various Christmas powers in the process.

From the press release:

Funcom's The Secret World gives its players an unique challenge this year with brand new monsters to fight and a dangerous place of ice to explore!

The Krampus roams the land in search of naughty children to punish. But the players have the chance to turn the tables on this wicked creature. Those who are clever can follow the Krampus to its home in Niflheim.

In this brutal land of frost and ice the players can not only battle legions of Krampus, but also uncover a secret ritual to summon Hel herself and do battle against this god-like being. But the greatest challenge comes for those who manage to lure Hel into the real world and take her on in an epic raid size challenge!

This all new event called A Mother of a Season does not only bring these challenges, along with many new and unique rewards and outfits, but also lets those who fight in player versus player battles become The Lord of Misrule.

Anyone fighting in PvP may become The Lord of Misrule, which makes them change shape (to a Krampus in a Santa outfit) and get many new and wondrous abilities, like dropping exploding presents on their opponents.

The event lasts until January 2nd, and is now live.
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