Mansion Lord backed on Kickstarter, approved on Steam Greenlight
Posted: 21.12.2013 14:57 by Comments: 0
Texas-based developer Golgom Games' murder mystery game Mansion Lord both made its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal and got approved on Steam Greenlight.

"Over 1,100 generous backers have just made Mansion Lord a possibility! We at Golgom Games thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts - our dream project will now become a reality. The outpouring of support and encouragement from all of you during this past week has been amazing," stated the developer.

Mansion Lord is a hybrid between Dungeon Lord and Agatha Christie, in which players try to draw villains to their mansion to commit a murder while the player's detectives solve the case, and arrest them in a turn-based RPG-style combat grid using a variety of a special skills, joint combo attacks and maneuvering.

Golgom Games promises additional post-Kickstarter funding options soon - check out the game's Kickstarter page here.
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