Indie Mojo Game releases GDC 2013 prototype video for open-world fantasy Cradle
Posted: 06.01.2014 14:17 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Cradle is described as an open-world fantasy game which is powered by CryEngine 3, and focuses on fast-paced melee combat in a vibrant world infused with magic. Mojo Game Studios released a prototype video.

It's of their March 2013 GDC presentation for Cradle, which is pre-Alpha footage. The indie team have all-new footage on the way and plan for a Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks.

All that plant life isn't just for show as we can forage ingredients to produce potions, with alchemical recipes to be discovered throughout the world of Cradle.

"Cradle is an open-world fantasy adventure game for the PC in development by Mojo Game Studios. It’s the story of an exiled traveler caught at the center of a monumental struggle between humanity, nature, and the gods. In addition to an immersive narrative experience set in a breathtaking world to explore, Cradle offers an exciting new type of strategic first-person melee-combat experience. The game features five playable character classes, four unique open worlds, an augmentable weapon and armor system, competitive multiplayer, and much more," blurb Mojo Game Studios.

"Our gameplay design provides fluid movement and combat, so that the character’s actions match player's intent like never before. We’re making first-person melee a thing that works well. It’s fast paced, skill-based, strategic, and most importantly, very intuitive. Not hack-n’-slash. The good stuff."

Its four open worlds are all powered by Crytek's CryEngine 3. "We want to make a universe with a clear history and future, which means that we’re paying heavy attention to detail. The environment itself should act as a character in the game experience," they continued.

Mojo Game Studios is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Cradle in the coming weeks, as well as release all-new footage of the fantasy adventure with a gameplay trailer.

Source: DSO Gaming