SOE consider new all-in-one subscription model
Posted: 07.01.2014 08:21 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Sony Online Entertainment is considering a new subscription model that would see subscribers given access to their entire MMO library under a single payment. SOE president John Smedley revealed the proposed plan in a post on the Planetside 2 subReddit.

Under the new model players would pay $14.99 for access to all of the studio's MMO games, a move which Smedley hopes will entice players into trying new titles. With the success of micro-payments in games like Planetside 2, it seems that SOE are hoping what they lose in individual subscription fees will be made up by purchases from their online stores.

"We are considering (and are likely going to move forward with) a plan that means if you subscribe to one of our games you are a subscriber to all our games," said Smedley. "That's a benefit most companies simply can't offer because they don't have our portfolio of games. The goal would be to let you pick an item in each game you play."

This deal would only apply to PC gamers, as SOE can't currently use their online currency Station Cash on consoles. Smedley is currently answering further user questions on the Reddit thread.

What do you think? Could you be tempted into a subscription if you gained access to a publishers entire library?
Source: Polygon
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