Saints Row IV gets yet more DLC
Posted: 07.01.2014 14:06 by nickhorth1 Comments: 1
You might have been thinking that Volition were getting bored of releasing DLC packs for their superhero open-world crime game, but no! The latest content is the Anime Pack, released today.

If you really need to dress up like an anime character, here's your chance. In game, I mean.

According to the Steam page:

Finally, the fantasy of Eastern cultural happiness can be yours! Get hair defying the elements of winds! Slice many of the people of bad with Braver Sword! Kaiju-XL makes little of foes with speed and curiosity! Also dress up clothing changes any Street of 3 Holy Man a beholding wonder!

It costs $2.45, and it's available now. There will doubtless be yet more DLC in the near future. Me? I'd like one that makes everything in Steelport sunny again.
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By Voqar (SI Core Member) on Jan 07, 2014
I bought III during a steam sale and found it to be brutally boring and lame, with me watching more of the game than actually playing - maybe it gets better later in the game but even the first few missions felt the same. So, haven't bought IV - maybe some day when all of the endless annoying DLC are bundled with the game in a Steam sale.

I think I'm getting old(er) or something, a lot of the wildly popular games like this one I find to be horribly crappy games. I could say the same for something like the batman games...I don't just flock to games because of the comic dork factor (which I lack but it's still no reason to buy crappy games). I had one of the arkham games and it mostly amounted to holding left button while pummeling a diablo-like stream of generic idiots with the occasional console-driven tap this nonsense. /snore I'm sure there's more to it but again it felt more like watching than playing.

Another example is dishonored - bought it - barely touched it because it just doesn't hook me and has very bland and linear gameplay. Played it for a few hours and uninstalled. Bioshock infinite - same thing - played it for several hours and just lost interest - it's so linear and repetitive that anything interesting about it is just lost to me.

All of these games are pretty much the same to me. Linear and similar stories, simplistic and similar gameplay - how much can you mix up guns, melee, and talents on one character? Not a whole lot.

I don't think ALL linear games are bad, but I'm still surprised at how wildly popular some of them are when the gameplay involved is actually very limited, your options are next to non existent, the stories and gameplay are so generic, and you pretty much just have to play out a script. Flashy graphics and hype sell, I guess.

I'm guessing the whole watch vs playing thing is the gaming equivalent of TV? Mindless gaming for the mindless masses - like TV. I usually expect more out of gaming, which is one reason why I prefer gaming (interactive entertainment with thinking involved) over watching nonsense unfold on TV.

Eh, whatever, I'm glad PC gaming as a whole is strong right now even if a lot of the AAA games are things I have no interest in. The indie and KS scene is strong and more and more "old school" and otherwise interesting titles are hitting - it's almost like a return of the golden age of PC gaming.