New patch features revealed for War for the Overworld
Posted: 09.01.2014 11:35 by nickhorth1 Comments: 0
Dungeon builder War for the Overworld is shortly to receive a new patch, and a new post on the game's website details three of the new additions.

There's a new stone bridge for crossing lava river, a new unit grouping option, and a new spell. Here's the descriptions.

New Room: Stone Bridge

The Stone Bridge will allow your workers and minions to travel across lava without being horribly burnt. For the purposes of this update you will be given the Stone Bridge for free when you unlock the Wooden Bridge.

New Feature: Unit Grouping

As part of our preparations for releasing multiplayer, we’ve added unit grouping to the game. You can now add your units into several groups and command them individually with the unit grouping panel. This initial release of the feature will only feature a small number of groups and a basic interface, so expect improvements to this feature in the future (and before the update goes live we’re going to be adding numbers to the actual flags).

New Spell: No Man’s Land

You may have noticed that your workers are occasionally a bit too zealous in their quest to claim land outside your dungeon and engage in hopeless combat against your enemies. Now, you can cast No Man’s Land at the borders of your domain to create a magical barrier that will prevent your workers from claiming any further, halting their endless quest for self-harm and humiliation.

No news on the release date for the patch as yet, but apparently it will fix Mac and Linux versions of the game when it comes out.
Source: WTFO Website