Medieval city builder Banished to arrive in February
Posted: 10.01.2014 09:50 by nickhorth1 Comments: 1
Banished, the medieval city-building game developed almost entirely by lone developer Luke Hodorowic, will arrive on February 18.

Hodorowic, who developed everything in the game apart from the music, revealed the release date in a post on his company Shining Rock Software's website website.

The developer had hoped to release the game in January, but it turns out making it by yourself can be pretty time-consuming. "I know I can be quoted as saying that I wanted the game released in January," said Hodorowic, "but over the holidays I ended up taking some time off from development, and apparently writing full in-game help takes far longer than you might expect."

"Ah, I remember when I quit my job and thought I could make a game in one year. It took three times as long, but it was definitely worth it, and the process was really satisfying!"

Banished will be available over Steam on February 18.
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By Jasca_Ducato (SI Core) on Jan 10, 2014
Might have to give this a go.