SimCity offline mode on the way
Posted: 13.01.2014 14:11 by nickhorth1 Comments: 20
According to a community post from General Manager of the Maxis Emeryville studio Patrick Buechner, offline mode is coming to SimCity. About a year after everyone asked for it.

It's surprising news, as Maxis had previously insisted that the way the game was created left no possibility for offline play open. Hmm.

Anyway, Buechner says, "Offline is coming as a free download with Update 10 to all SimCity players. When we launch it, all of your previously downloaded content will be available to you anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. We are in the late phases of wrapping up its development and while we want to get it into your hands as soon as possible, our priority is to make sure that its as polished as possible before we release it."

The update will allow single player campaigns to be saved and played offline, a bit like how a normal game works. Modders will also be allowed to work without compromising the online modes.

You can read the full blog post here. There's no precise date for the update yet, but we'll keep you updated as we learn more.
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By Gale47 (SI Core) on Jan 13, 2014
By kaballah (SI Member) on Jan 13, 2014
"our priority is to make sure that it’s as polished as possible before we release it."

Hmm, now, I'm not a programmer, but to wait for a year to have a game cut offline is a bit weird to me, but hey, maybe that's just me ;). Perhaps the polishing takes a lotta time.. ;)
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Jan 13, 2014
Oh dear...I mean, no one.. NO F***ING ONE wanted this online "feature"! I do not know any person in this world (except EA employees) who would say, "hey that this is a good idea", everybody told that servers will crash, game will loose progression and hey, EA didn't listened to them! What about full region control now?! What about the ability to build large cites like in previous SimCity games?
By Voqar (SI Core Veteran) on Jan 13, 2014
Much desired, and good news. No point in rubbing it in that many had no interest in the online stuff. With any luck they'll also allow for bigger maps befitting a PC. Being able to play without the online garbage and being able to make suitably large cities would cause me to really like that otherwise really good game.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jan 13, 2014
Too little,too late,i urge everyone to not buy this game,they need to pay for their mistakes.
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Jan 13, 2014
Only if they will give me real SimCity with big map to build mega-polis in it, not this tiny crap.
By Bungalow225 (SI Newbie) on Jan 13, 2014
I, being a SimCity fan, will not buy this, as danfreeman says, the only way big devs will learn a lesson is we show them what's for. Prices of games (which are nowadays mostly bought through online purchases hence less money is needed for distribution purposes) are one example of enforcing their will upon us and it is our fault. I mean, a game (no matter the quality and costs of high-profiled VO actors) today costs 50-60 bucks and you have for about 10 hours of gameplay. 10 years ago, that would be ridiculously short game. Sorry for my ranting, but I'm getting fed up a bit with the big league's behaviour. The forced online mode is only a tip of the iceberg. :/
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Jan 13, 2014
Well, the only game, which cost 60 buck with considering the time of gameplay it brings is TES:Skyrim :) Like an old-school of the meanings of gaming $ per length.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Jan 13, 2014
I believe 40 bucks tops should be enough for a brand new AAA game that is digitally distributed.

EDIT: Alright, MAYBE 50.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jan 13, 2014
I still remember when everyone said that digital will be better than retail because it will be cheaper.It still is one of the biggest piles of bullshit i`ve ever heard,to this day i still find cheaper retail games and they`re not even old,new ones still cost less than the price on-line and the only reason for that is greed.40 dollars or 30 euros should be the MAX price for digital downloads unless of course the game offers a ton of content like Skyrim.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Jan 13, 2014
Where do you find new retail games cheaper than their digital versions? O.o
Point me to that store. Here in Croatia, we've got new retail games at the price of about 450 kn (80,58 dollars). So no thank you, I get my new game on Steam for 20 bucks less (If I feel insane) or wait for the price to drop.
Digital is much, much cheaper so you're pulling that one out of your ass, sorry :D

Also -to confirm my statement- my Steam account is apparently worth around 1400 dollars and I have spent something closer to a 100 dollars on it. There were some bundles and all that, but it's all digital and bought.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jan 13, 2014
Not at all,not sure if you have Altex in Croatia but that`s usually where i find cheaper retail.
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Jan 13, 2014
Nope, there's Algoritam but not much else. And the games are really that cheap?
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jan 13, 2014
New ones are cheaper even if not by too much but older ones are dirt cheap,Shogun 2 sells for 9 bucks.On steam it`s 30 euros.
By LS35A (SI Veteran Member) on Jan 13, 2014
I agree with the 'don't buy it' people. They need to learn a lesson here.
By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Jan 13, 2014
From what I've seen of Sim City it's a pretty little toy that, while engaging, ultimately only serves to remind you that you'd rather be playing a "real" Sim City game.

Online only was not what was stopping me buying it.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 14, 2014
Yea, online only was not the main issue for most people but the tiny maps really killed any sense of managing a city, it was more of a SimTown than SimCity.

The always online crap was mainly just a big fat FU to the players cause it was obviously just a DRM scheme, it managed to be quite effective at preventing people from being able to even play the game :).

The way they insisted that the game cant function offline was also *extremely* insulting, specially after it was proven that it's all just a lie and yet they still insisted on it. I really hate it when people lie to my face like that.
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Jan 14, 2014
The hilarious thing is, that EA had experience with online DRM, C&C4, not only it was a crappy game, but also always online DRM killed the rest of process when it was launched, they wont learn from their mistakes. I mean, come on, even with a high piracy rate, the SimCity as well as C&C series (until C&C4) always sold pretty solid.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 14, 2014
By Gale47 (SI Core) on Jan 14, 2014
@danfreeman: Whaaaaaaat? I envy you :D