Fans keeping defunct MMO Jumpgate alive with 'The Reconstruction Initiative'
Posted: 13.01.2014 15:13 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
NetDevil's presumed drifting in the void MMO Jumpgate is still twitching thanks to a band of dedicated community members behind 'Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative'.

The studio met its end when it began laying off employees, with Jumpgate left in the lurch. However the Jumpgate TRI team is determined it lives on in some form or another.

Jumpgate originally released in 2001 but its publisher, 3DO, closed down with developer NetDevil regaining control of the franchise. Sadly, they didn't make it.

They describe Jumpgate as an MMO "space flight and combat game," and not an MMORPG. "Jumpgate is a flight simulator that requires actual pilot skill in docking, maneuvering, and combat. In other games, you click on something and watch your ship fight it. In Jumpgate you actually pilot your ship. Success or failure is up to you, not your stats."

It was inspired by the single player space sims of the 80's and 90's like Elite and Privateer.

Jumpgate TRI is available for fans of the series and genre to play now once you download the game client. The community is keeping their own server database running. More information is available on their website. Reckon you can make the recommended system requirements of the 2001 era with a 350mhz processor? It'll need 128MB of RAM too...
Source: Blue's News