Volition release Stone Age Pack for Saints Row IV
Posted: 14.01.2014 17:19 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
It's time to learn yourself some knowledge with this "100% historically-accurate" Stone Age Pack for Saints Row IV, which adds authentic Stone Age clothing to your wardrobe, as well as bone club.

Don't forget our species very first documented vehicle from the Stoned Motor Corp, featuring the in-fashion round-shaped wheel. This new DLC pack for Saints Row IV is £2.49 / $2.99.

It looks like there's still some time before we see a definitive Saints Row IV: Absolutely Everything Edition that bundles all DLC, big or small, into a singular package.

"Bring the past into the present with this pack of 100% historically-accurate DLC. Don the trendiest prehistoric animal pelts, arm yourself with the legbone of a long-extinct species, bonk enemies in the face with a bloody club, and then take the whole crew out for bronto-burgers in the latest high-tech vehicle from Stoned Motor Corp!" blurbs the new DLC.

Weapon - Costume: Giant club weapon
Weapon - Costume: Giant bone weapon
Clothing: Male caveman outfit
Clothing: Female caveman outfit
Vehicle: Flintstone's like car

Check out the Steam store page for more about the Stone Age Pack for Saints Row IV.