Evolve's Assault class hunter Markov detailed, 'great for longtime FPS fans'
Posted: 15.01.2014 14:50 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
More about Turtle Rock's Evolve is staring to seep out with Game Informer dishing the gossip on Markov, the Assault class hunter that has a unique personal shield. He makes up one of four classes.

Evolve is Turtle Rock's new 4 vs. 1 co-op shooter with plenty of AI-controlled wildlife to deal with. The Assault class is the more traditional FPS role you'd expect, explains Turtle.

However it's no mindless corridor shooter as there is tactical depth to those who choose to exploit it such as arc mines, which explode when monsters run over them.

That's a great way of letting your team of hunters know when something is lurking nearby, and fortunately they aren't set off by your teammates although they can take some splash damage if they're close by. Personal shields are the unique ability to all in the Assault class, not just the character Markov, and offer a safe haven from damage for a while.

"The assault class is a great option for longtime FPS fans used to always being on offense. However, that doesnít mean you should approach the class as a lone gunman. Markovís weapons and abilities are even more powerful when used in conjunction with the abilities and tactics of his fellow squad mates, and knowing when to take a stand and when to flee is paramount to teamís success," writes Game Informer in their article.

Turtle Rock created Left 4 Dead and that actively punished teammates getting to far apart from one another but having you ambushed by the infected. It seems the studio want to make sure these hunters in Evolve stick together too, but seem to prefer using the carrot and not the stick. Using smarts and not just brute force is their intention.

More details are expected to spill about Evolve in the coming days and weeks. Check out the article for more.

Evolve releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in Q3 2014.
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