War Thunder's Ground Forces closed beta receives new tanks and map
Posted: 16.01.2014 13:16 by Simon Priest Comments: 17
Gaijin Entertainment has added all-new armoured tanks to the current closed beta of the Ground Forces expansion to War Thunder. The USSR gets five while Germany gets four added to its garage.

There is also a new challenging map called Kuban that is available to all closed beta testers. War Thunder itself remains in open beta with over 5 million registered players.

The studio is planning a release on Mac as well as supporting Oculus Rift. The open beta is currently held on PC and PlayStation 4. Ground Forces adds, you guessed it, land combat.

"Players can now test their tank warfare skills on, among others, Tiger I, IS-1, KV-2, SU-85, T-34-85 and Jagdpanzer IV. The update also includes the release of Kuban a brand new, challenging map that is available to all players in Ground Forces." Gaijin have an updated FAQ for their closed beta of Ground Forces.

KV-2 1939
T-34 1942
T-34-85 (D-5T)

PzKpfw III Ausf.M
PzKpfw IV Ausf.H
Jagdpanzer IV (L48)
PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1

Check out the War Thunder website to register for the open beta and start playing.

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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
Looks gorgeous.

Increasing the grind by 200% in 1.37 patch stinks like greed though. I was so looking forward to ground forces and then they turn themselves into just a prettier WoT :).
The completely broken matchmaker is another thing reminding me of WoT except that currently even that game is not on that level of bad :/.

I'm not going trough that level of grind ever again.
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
I am participating in this Closed Beta :)
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
You bought the tank pack or got in for free?
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
Just to make the point that WoT has been tweaked an polished for years, It's only natural War Thunder needs to work this stuff out, so give them some time beofre you write them of at least.

If it doesnt get better, feel free to crucify :)
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
But it already was good until they got greedy :(.

You don't increase the grind by 200% by accident, luckily the community revolted.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
They need to find a balance between good financial profits from this project and player satisfaction, It's perfectly understandable they overshoot occasionally.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
Yea but not by that much :/.

And it doesn't help when they lie how they actually *decreased* the grind! That's the thing that makes me lose faith in them the most.

I might be a bit too hard on Gaijin but my "well of patience and understanding" has already been depleted by Wargaming.

Also the matchmaking is just another bad influence from WoT, making you go against people that might just as well be playing in god mode as far as you're concerned is not my idea of fun. Had plenty of that already as well.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
I'll have to try it for myself I guess, I just hope it ends up better.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
Same here, I was really looking forward to ground forces until this patch but now I'm very disillusioned.

If the community revolts hard enough they might scale back the planned abuse enough but that's not guaranteed.

I'll still try it out when it launches but I'm not falling for the same trick again, if it's not fun as a free game I'm not spending any cash this time around.
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
How does it feel compared to WoT?
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 16, 2014
There's plenty of videos now that the NDA has been partially lifted so you can easily see for yourself.

I love the "what you can see is what you can shoot" approach, the stat-based stealth-enabling mess of a system in WoT is just too silly in comparison. They did copy the red outline system though and the concept of detecting a tank is still kinda present.

People are able to engage at much higher distances as a result and bullet drop is simulated.

The physics system doesn't seem to be fully complete yet cause the tanks seem a just bit too wobbly to me and they seem to feel kinda like cars when doing sharp corners, almost as if they were not given enough weight. It doesn't feel quite right to me in this regard yet but it's quite close.

I also love how there are no hitpoints, it adds a ton to the realism.

They only need to lower the grind and fix the matchmaking and this is gonna be my most played game for the forseeable future. I don't like it when the MM fixes matches in advance like WoT has been doing since ever and WT has started doing it with 1.37.

There was this simple mod that showed you your win chances in WoT, it was not very accurate cause it didn't have the access to the data the developers have so a 60% loss chances didnt mean much, 70% was just a hint to play extra carefully but a 90% loss chance was pretty much a done deal. If a simple mod was able to figure that out it's beyond obvious that the game was doing it deliberately. Now WT has apparently switched to this approach as well :/.

A.k.a WT is turning into WoT more and more, that's exactly what I do not want from it :(.
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Jan 17, 2014

It feels far more superior than WoT. But As Nocutius said, with 1.37 update they brought grinding issues...which kinda makes me worry about the future. About physics, I can say its way more better that WoT's as well, you feel that you are driving the tank, and can climb in T-34 on the hill with 35 degree angle! Another note is, that tank tracks is realistic, it takes the form from the ground and suspension works in independent way as it should (each wheel have its own contact with the ground which makes tracks to look realistically).
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 17, 2014
This says it all
They copied Wargaming business model to the letter :/.

They went full retard, you NEVER go full retard!

So basically the main difference is going to be the game engine cause the grind, pricing and MM are more or less identical.

600% folks, six hundred percent :(.
By kaballah (SI Veteran Newbie) on Jan 17, 2014
Haven't played WoT, but from what I've seen on Tube (still playing the planes part od WThunder), the resemblance is really incredible, guess the winner might be the one with biggest commercial department ..
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 18, 2014
If it comes down to marketing Wargaming wins easy. They have a MASSIVE marketing budget. I evem saw an episode of megafactories on discovery about the Wargaming studio (VERY obviously paid for as it's hardly a factory)
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 18, 2014
I saw that as well, It really took me by surprise.
I could only laugh at the lies about it being a WW2 simulation, they conveniently omitted the post war tanks.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 18, 2014
I sat through the whole thing flabbergasted at the blatant propaganda x3