Edge of Reality's multiplayer free-to-play shooter Loadout launches January 31st
Posted: 16.01.2014 17:45 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Developer Edge of Reality has announced the official launch date for Loadout - a multiplayer shooter that's "all about the guns, baby!" - will be January 31st. It's currently on Steam Early Access.

They've been working on Loadout for the past here years "embracing the maniacal and addictive nature" of its gameplay, and it will be Edge of Reality's very first original IP.

Until now they've suckled at the licensing teat of such franchise as Mass Effect, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, The Sims, and Dragon Age, and so are ready to start chewing solid original IP.

"...Loadout is our studio’s first original IP, and we couldn’t be more excited to open it up to the masses,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Edge of Reality. “We started this as a passion project, working on it when we could, and trying to create something original and truly player friendly. What we’ve got now is a game that’s a blast to play, quick and easy to get into, and empowers players with insane amounts of customization.”

The game has a weapon-crafting system that theoretically supports over "44 billion possible creations to assemble, enabling players to transform weapon behavior in extreme ways, thereby defining their own class and play style." Loadout also favours an over-the-top comedic spin on all the violence, which is why they believe it stands out.

Loadout is currently in beta through Steam Early Access but officially launches January 31st. It's free-to-play.