Second ArmA III campaign episode 'Adapt' released
Posted: 21.01.2014 17:09 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The second episode of the ArmA III campaign has just released. 'Adapt' continues on and we fill the boots of soldier Ben Kerry trapped on Altis amid a Mediterranean flashpoint. The kid gloves are off.

This episode encourages us into "guerrilla tactics in the face of against a stronger, better-equipped enemy." The first episode was 'Survive', and the next is 'Win'.

A brand new trailer has been released to spotlight the new content with Adapt, which is available as an automatic update via Steam.

"Episode One helped players get to grips with the basic skills needed to survive,” said Jay Crowe, Creative Director on Arma 3. “Episode Two introduces a whole new set of challenges, giving players more freedom and responsibility in the wide, open terrain of Altis." ArmA III's three episode campaign is entitled 'The East Wind'.

ArmA III is available on PC through Steam or the Bohemia Interactive Store from €44.99 / £39.99 / $59.99. The next campaign episode - Win - is due for release this March.

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