DICE: New Battlefield 4 update "end of January/beginning of February"
Posted: 28.01.2014 14:56 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Battlefield 4 will soon be on the receiving end of another game update for all platforms, reveals Tommy Rydling of DICE. It features a "number of stability improvements," as well as tweaks and bug fixes.

A special blog has been created where DICE would like feedback on balance and their "overall multiplayer experience." This will inform their future updates.

"We are aiming to get a new update live for all platforms at the end of January/beginning of February (timing might change,)" posted Rydling in the 'BF4 Control Room'.

"This update will include a number of stability improvements, tweaks, and fixes. We will get back to you with the change notes as the update goes live," he continued. The special DICE blog dedicated to tackling game balance is available and puts a number of items up to a vote like tweaking weaponry.

DICE has also published a blog detailing the upcoming vehicle tweaks.
Source: PC Gamer


By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jan 30, 2014
Cool, what are they going to brake this time? :)
Seriously, fix the netcode and the trade-off killings and sometimes horrible timings.
Other than that - the game needs to stomp harder on cheaters and more maps... More fun maps for SDM and Rush so there will be more fun servers for this! :)
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Jan 30, 2014
New crashes appeared, I had non of it from latest December patch, but having it now, due to this update. Stutter due CPU heavy load, while I did not had any of such issues...I is wrong with these people!?!?!
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Feb 07, 2014
I have had several admins crying over the sound bug where the intro/end music is the only thing playing.
You have to constantly go in and check your network smoothing on some servers to get a good game.
Trade off killings should have disappeared two(?) patches ago, and you see them very often still.