Paradox "handing over the reins" of Mount & Blade back to developer TaleWorlds
Posted: 31.01.2014 12:40 by Simon Priest Comments: 13
As of today the Mount & Blade franchise is squarely back in its developer's hands, TaleWorlds, as Paradox Interactive give back the reins of the IP after five and a half years.

Paradox "feel honoured" to have been part of the journey and as a parting gift to fans, they'll be giving Early Access to Magicka: Wizard Wars in their library.

This also means that the Mount & Blade section of the Paradox forums is soon to close, but first they'll disable new threads and replies so fans may salvage info.

"As of January 31st at 00:00 (UTC -08:00) Paradox Interactive will be handing over the reins for Mount and Blade back to the developer, TaleWorlds. It’s been five and a half years since Mount and Blade was released, five and a half years of sieges, tournaments and pitched open-field battles, and of course, the odd expansion or two!" said Paradox.

"We feel honoured to have fought beside you and at our final parting of ways would bid our farewells with a gift which has automatically been added to your Steam library."

"What is your gift? One of our internal studios, Paradox North, is currently hard at work on a spell-casting action PVP game by the name of Magicka: Wizard Wars. As we know that you are all fans of fast-paced tactical combat we feel that you would be equally as adept with a robe and staff as you are with sword and shield, as such our gift to you is an invitation to our Early Access alpha of Magicka: Wizard Wars."

All official Mount & Blade discussions over a mug of ale will now be held solely on TaleWorlds' forums.
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By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jan 31, 2014
Can we PLEASE just have the next game out already,we`ve had teasers for over 2 years now,it`s getting quite old.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 31, 2014
Agreed on that one, they obviously announced it WAY too early.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jan 31, 2014
Does this mean that Paradox won't be their publisher anymore? I wonder what made TaleWorlds leave, PI seems to be a good publisher.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jan 31, 2014
They are, their contract probably just ran out and they didn't see much point in extending it. Although this does probably mean they'll be releasing M&B 2 on their own.
By JustCommunication (SI Core) on Feb 01, 2014
Either Paradox was never going to be publishing M&B2 in the first place, and so this handing over was just a formality that they had to go through, or they were but something's gone wrong in the mean time and the two companies have decided to part ways amicably, like Salem.

You're right, it was announced too early though.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 01, 2014
Another title that's appeal baffles me. I like the strategy side to it, but not the POV combat.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Feb 02, 2014
Strategy? What strategy? :P

The reason people play this is for the combat and the RPG elements.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 02, 2014
The map is what I'm referring to and movements on it. Besides, if you're playing in a team, surely you must have s strategy, or is it all for one, and up yours mate?
Yes, the combat, no matter how much I tried to like it, I just couldn't...but that's me. If "M&B 2" up the graphics to something a bit more acceptable beyond the now generic grainy film look that is Eastern Europe and Russia's trademark, it might entice me to have a second look. I am a bit of graphics snob at times...but not always, as John Tiller's TBS wargames still appeal to me.

It'd be terrible if the same games appealed to everyone...or we actually agreed on everything. That would be just unconscionable.
By JustCommunication (SI Core) on Feb 03, 2014
The single-player allows you to direct groups of AI soldiers, much like a general. I like that feature, but the interface has always been a bit terrible, although you can always make and print out your own reference sheet, I guess.

Online, things quickly degenerate into a match of something like Chivalry or War of the Roses (even though M&B came first, I know). No-one really works together. There's some cool mods and add-ons though that throw the game into different time periods.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Feb 03, 2014
You say no one works together, but that's only in the public servers. There are a stupid amount of people that make regular games happen where you can play in a more structured fashion with voice comms. The gunpowder era mods in particular go so far as having regimental arrangements and going at each otehr in a 100v100 battle with several lines of men following strict orders from their respective leaders, that themselves keep in touch with a commander overseeing the battle.

It's frankly a silly amount of fun. Nothing quite like being part of a proper bayonet charge, with several dozen people heedlessly rushing forwards under wildly inaccurate musketfire.
By JustCommunication (SI Core) on Feb 03, 2014
Sorry Rod, I kind of meant in general. Yeah the mods can be fun - I played M&M/Napoleonic Wars a lot for a while, and there's plenty of structure there.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Feb 03, 2014
Oh no problem, I just wanted to make it clear to anyone else reading :3
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 04, 2014
Might try the SP...I prefer the AI. PVP in MP holds no interest for me.